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What do you want from your accountant?

At Bates & Co we offer a full service to small and medium sized companies.

Most of our clients have one thing in common—a view that producing accounts is a necessary evil! Calculating the payroll, sorting out VAT, all get in the way of earning money!

Easier business

Big companies have the advantage of a financial director to guide the business, and specialised accounts departments.

For small companies these are unaffordable luxuries.

Nevertheless, all of these area are important and must not be neglected.

At Bates & Co, we can help level the playing field: We are easy to deal with, and understand a business’s ‘big picture’.

Full service

Beyond helping produce your accounts and resolve taxation matters, we can assist your business in many ways:

Our ‘add-on’ services are all designed to make your life easier and let you concentrate on running your business.

These include doing your bookkeeping, and producing your payroll and Vat returns.

We’ll help with advice on anything from recruitment to mergers and acquisitions, personal taxation, estate planning and more.


Many of our clients have come by recommendation. Why? Because we’re a dependable resource, helping well beyond routine matters. We’re there when we are needed, to provide help in a friendly and practical way.

Call us, we’ll be delighted to meet and see how—without obligation—we can help your business grow.